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Environmental Testing Associates (ETA) is an accredited residential and commercial indoor air quality business, offering inspection and sampling services for a variety of indoor air contaminants that include: Mold, Asbestos, VOC’s, Dust, Soot, and Allergens. Ancillary services include consultation, infrared thermography, Pre- and post-remediation verification testing to provide third-party project oversight.

Our clientele includes homeowners, tenants, property managers, general contractors, commercial or residential realtors, remediation companies, doctors, and naturopaths. ETA effortlessly handles jobs of many types.

The services we provide are deliberately limited to factual inspections, field testing, and reporting. We strongly believe that environmental inspectors should not profit from the problems they discover during the course of their investigations. For that reason, we are purposely not engaged in the business of abatement or remediation.

As an ETA client, you rest assured knowing that our evaluations of your property or facility are unbiased, factual, and unmotivated by the potential of securing costly abatement contracts.


Our business first opened in 2003, under the name AMI Environmental Testing. In 2009, AMI Environmental Testing and Advanced IAQ Diagnostics partnered and opened in Oregon after a decade of serving Southern California. As one of the first few independent IAQ inspection and testing companies, they consistently earned the trust of homeowners, real estate agents, property managers, landlords, and tenants with our scientific, “no scare tactics” approach to mold and other IAQ issues. I partnered with the current owner in early 2015 to learn the business and eventually took it over to include revamping the brand and business name. In late 2016, Advanced IAQ Diagnostics became Environmental Testing Associates to accommodate a different business structure which now allows for increased services and resources. ETA continues to base our service on facts, science, and best industry practices to serve you.


Karin Basart
Karin BasartPrincipal & AHERA/IAC2 Certified Inspector
This field of work presented itself (quite by accident) at an opportune time and offered me a channel for a diverse skill set into a position that combines indoor air sciences with established business development, marketing, customer service, and client retention skills. The field of Indoor Air Quality was first introduced to me as a proposal manager in the A/E/C industry, coordinating teams for LEED-certified “green” building facilities in education and healthcare. I have always been interested in environmental health and was particularly drawn to being able to help people identify the source of indoor air allergens and toxins that can exacerbate certain health conditions.

My background in the health sciences and business development make this a very exciting business for me to own! I love my job and helping people determine whether their home is contributing to certain health conditions. I pride myself on integrity and customer service and professionalism. I am proud of the fact that we offer unbiased, factual test results because we do not also have any conflicting interests in gaining a potential remediation project.

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